Duncan Wright  Editor

Duncan studied for his undergraduate degree at the University of Exeter, during which he developed an interest in Anglo-Saxon and medieval landscape archaeology. He then subsequently completed an MA in Medieval Archaeology at the University of York, culminating in excavation at the early medieval monastery at Tarbat, Scotland and a dissertation studying the historic landscape of the Vale of Pickering, Yorkshire.

Following his masters research, Duncan spent a brief spell with EASE archaeology excavating sites in Westray, Orkney, after which he joined Wessex Archaeology as a heritage consultant. In 2009, Duncan began a doctoral thesis funded by the Arts and Humanities Research Council, which focuses on the archaeology of settlements between the seventh and ninth centuries and the growth of ecclesiastical and royal power in this period, and explores how this increasingly complex society expressed itself through material culture. Duncan also has a particular interest in the impact that development-led excavation can have in developing our understanding of the changing landscape of Anglo-Saxon and medieval England.