SCA Conference 2004

The Archaeology of Early Medieval Celtic Churches, c. 400-1100

The 2004 Society for Church Archaeology conference, entitled The Archaeology of Early Medieval Celtic Churches c. 400-1100, will be held September 9th-12th, 2004, as a joint conference with the Society for Medieval Archaeology. It is hosted by the University of Wales, Bangor.

This conference will focus on new research on the archaeology of the early medieval Celtic churches c 400-1100. Papers will concentrate on aspects of the archaeology of monasteries, local churches, chapels, cemeteries and ecclesiastical landscapes. The conference will not only showcase aspects of the research currently being carried out by the four Welsh Archaeological Trusts for Cadw, but also highlight new work on early medieval church archaeology in Ireland, Scotland, the Isle of Man, SW Britain and Brittany. The objectives are to build up a picture of new research and how it relates to the current state of knowledge, highlight ongoing debates about its interpretation and to compare and contrast the nature of the archaeological evidence for the development of the church in the different Celtic countries.

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Department of History and Welsh History, University of Wales, Bangor

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